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The Blood Hunter makes his SWE Fury debut at "Christmas Chaos" in Greenville, TX!  Click on the poster below for the direct ticket buy link!

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The Blood Hunter makes his Florida debut december 19the at the Ocean center in daytona beach!  Click on the poster below for the direct ticket buy link!

The Hannibal TV is now an affiliate for the weekly United Wrestling Network/NWA PPV's.  Click on the image to the left to check them out for as little as $7.99 per episode or buy a 4 show bundle for $23.99 and you'll be helping us out at the same time!

"The Hannibal TV Show" airs Friday's at 6 pm!  On ZingoTV channel 250 in Canada or download the ZingoTV App to watch internationally!  Click the ZingoTV logo above for the App download link!  

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